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Client Testimonials

“…We could never adequately express our gratitude to Joel and Thomas Citron for their work on our claim.”
“…Mr. Citron is the epitome of what one would expect from an attorney.”
“…I would rank Mr. Citron at the very top of the list.”
“…Instrumental in maintaining an exemplary ratio of settlements to trials.”
“The outcome was as I had hoped.”
“I have always found Mr. Joel Citron to be a person of honor, integrity and completely trustworthy.”
“…I wholeheartedly endorse his practice and applaud his accomplishments as an insurance defense lawyer.”
“You were definitely worthy of my trust.”
“Mr. Citron has proven himself to be an exceptional defense counsel time and time again.”
“…Mr. Citron worked very hard on protecting me and presenting my side of the case.”