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Citron & Citron has over 20 years of experience handling cases through litigation. We are proud to be in several honorary societies for our accomplishments over the years, including the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) and the Defense Research Institute.That means our clients get a debt defense law firm with seasoned attorneys, who have seen cases through to trial. What’s more, we can provide our clients with insight as to whether their case should be defended in court—or brought to a swift conclusion via settlement. We also provide our clients with a personal hands-on approach to how their cases are going to be fought.

Credit Reporting Agencies often turn to massive firms for FCRA defense – but there are better alternatives. Our practice is smaller, which means that we can provide you with the personalized care and attention that only comes from a boutique firm.

Not only can we tailor our services to your needs, but we are also dedicated to providing you with added value at every opportunity. This includes giving you a picture of what you can expect your cost and results to look like at the very outset of your case.

Our Mission Is Your Success

Over the last three to four years, we’ve seen an increase of cases being filed on behalf of consumers who allege that their credit reports contain inaccurate information…

And we’ve observed that some of the law firms that accept these cases only do so in a bid to increase their attorney fees.

These consumer firms often pursue these cases until they get brought to trial in both state and federal courts – and they have no incentive to settle the case. Why? Because if they push the case to a win in the courts, they’ll earn on all the attorney fees they’ve accrued along the way.

We’re not like your opposition. Our only incentive rests in finding a case outcome that is in your best interest.

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