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Business is the engine at the heart of the modern world. Perhaps accordingly, business is often complicated, even to the people at the center of the biggest business ventures of our time.

While complications are arguably a part of the game with business, they often breed disputes. Whenever a deal doesn’t go as planned, there is the potential for disagreement, as well as legal challenges. Even with the best laid plans and the strictest adherence to best practices, these disputes and challenges inevitably arise.

At Citron & Citron, we pride ourselves on efficiently handling even the most complex business matters. Our team of business litigation attorneys are well-versed in best business practices as well as the day-to-day realities of doing business in the real world. Their approach is defensive before it is offensive, aiming to control potential issues and handle them before they become major disputes or legal challenges. However, when those disputes and challenges do arise, they are fully equipped to represent the best interests of their clients with an extensive, erudite understanding of business law as well as years of courtroom experience.

General Information:

Business disputes and legal issues can escalate very quickly, which is truer now than it has ever been. When these crises arise, your best asset is to be able to call upon a team of seasoned, highly experienced attorneys with the vision, passion, and strategy to win. The business litigation attorneys at Citron & Citron have the skills, knowledge, and resources to protect your assets and represent your best interests, regardless of what may challenge them.

Our areas of focus include a full range of business litigation and legal negotiation services. We frequently represent clients in business matters such as:

  • Contract Disputes: Many business matters involve contracts, which are constructed to hold all sides of a deal accountable to their promises. When one or multiple parties in a contract violate the contract’s terms, this can cause a contract dispute. We help clients through the process of these disputes, renegotiating to avoid full, costly litigation whenever possible.
  • Fraud: Anyone who has been in business long enough knows that there are people who are simply not acting in good faith. The term “fraud” can refer to those people, as well as any misrepresentation or intent to misrepresent the truth in a fraudulent way. We have both defended against and pursued litigation on charges of fraud.
  • Employment Disputes: The relationship between employers and employees can be complicated, and can give way to legal disputes in a number of different ways. From payment and wage disputes to harassment and discrimination to wrongful termination, employment disputes can be very serious. Our years of employment law experience give us the ability to fluently understand, negotiate through, and settle employment disputes in a way that best represents the interests of our clients.

When business affairs do not go as planned, a legal issue or dispute may not be too far behind. Operating a business is not an easy venture. It requires resourcefulness and the ability to recognize when something might go astray. However, even when the best business practices and measures are set in place, that does not always guarantee that a business will be free from obstacles.

At Citron & Citron, our business litigation lawyers are seasoned professionals who understand that the intent of every business owner or manager is to mitigate problems as much as possible when an issue arises. However, we know that disputes can develop quickly and unexpectedly. When that happens, you can rest assured that we are readily equipped to support you and offer invaluable guidance and representation. Our business litigation lawyers have the knowledge, tools, and resources to protect your interests and procure favorable results, even if that means taking the matter in question to court.

When all reasonable measures have been exhausted, and parties still cannot agree on terms or resolve a dispute outside of court, pursuing litigation in court may be the only viable option. If that is the case, you will need a business litigation lawyer who can provide sound legal advice and aggressive representation. Our business litigation lawyers at Citron & Citron have represented clients in court facing contract disputes, commercial lease issues, land use matters, homeowners association matters, fraud, wrongful termination, harassment, defamation, misrepresentation, unfair competition or unfair business practices claims, and more.

The business litigation lawyers at Citron & Citron provide uncompromising advocacy to clients in Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas.

Common Business Litigation Matters Or Disputes

There are numerous situations in business affairs that can incite a lawsuit. Some of the most common business litigation matters or disputes that occur include the following:

  • Breach of Contract: A breach of contract is perhaps the most common type of business litigation dispute. Breaches of contract occur when a legally binding contract has been broken in some way by the parties involved.
  • Employment Disputes: Employment disputes often arise when an agreement has been violated by either the employer or employee. Employment disputes or violations include wrongful termination, harassment, withheld wages, and discrimination.
  • Fraud: When a party knowingly falsifies information or acts with the intention to defraud another party, a claim can be pursued. Fraud can take many forms. Therefore, it is advised to contact a business litigation lawyer to assess your case and determine the best course of action.

If you are looking for experienced business litigation attorneys with an unwavering commitment to quality legal representation, reach out to some of the top minds in the Los Angeles business litigation community at Citron & Citron. Call (310) 450-6695 to schedule a consultation today.

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