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Claims have to be looked at on an individual basis to determine the merits of the claim, and the severity of the inaccuracy. For instance, whether someone had an eviction on their record, or had a default on a credit card.

These are much easier to resolve than something where someone has erroneously deemed a registered sex offender because such errors have an emotional component, and where a plaintiff can talk about their emotional distress.

With class-action claims, a vigorous defense is important because the dollar amounts are much higher, and what’s at stake is much higher.

The Best Time To Hire Citron & Citron

The best time to hire Citron & Citron is the minute you receive notice of a lawsuit or the minute you receive notice that a lawsuit has been filed.

Clients on retainer with us receive notice of lawsuits based on a court system tracker that informs us of anything mentioning the names of our clients. We then forward the information about the lawsuit to our clients. We then can take action to contact the plaintiff’s counsel regarding the details of the lawsuit.

Our proactive measures allow us to determine how to settle or fight the lawsuit. This action saves our clients time, money, and provides peace of mind. Many of our clients appreciate getting results in 10 days or less rather than a long-term lawsuit with its associated time and costs.

Does Citron & Citron Provide Advice To Ensure Compliance With The Fair Credit Reporting Act And To Avoid Potential Claims And Lawsuits?

We often provide specialized recommendations for our clients about what their internal procedures are and how they’re verifying the information that is given to third parties.

We often suggest implementing different steps in their verification process so that these cases don’t arise.

Discover The Difference That A Boutique Firm Can Make For You

Citron & Citron is among the few boutique firms that specialize in defending the CRA against consumer lawsuits. Our expertise and experience enable us to shorten the entire process by knowing from the beginning our strategy whether to settle or fight the case.

What’s more, we can provide a level of tailored and personalized care that you can only get from a smaller firm with our level of focus and experience. This means that you won’t have to deal with being ”bounced around” between assistants and paralegals. Instead, we will contact you personally by email, phone, or even text message, to discuss your case and strategize a path toward your ideal result.

For more information on Litigating A FCRA Claim Versus Resolving It, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (310) 450-6695 today.

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