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Common household staples have the potential to put you in significant harm if there are not designed properly. From auto parts, medical devices, lawn equipment, home improvement tools, medications, and even children’s toys, products like this may be defective, which could lead to health risks and serious expenses. These potentially faulty products could put you in significant danger leading to fires, severe injuries, illness, and death. With the help of an experienced product liability attorney, you could recover compensation for medical expenses, property damage, pain & suffering, and future treatment.

California’s product liability laws

California has many product liability laws designed to protect consumers. If you are considering a claim, here is what you should know.

  • You have two years to bring a claim against a company after your injury occurred.
  • You must have a basis for liability, meaning the defect has to fall under the categories of design defect, manufacturer defect, or failure to warn.
  • To recover compensation under a product liability claim, you and your defective product lawyer must demonstrate that the company is liable for, at least, a portion of your damages.

Understanding the different types of product liability law

Navigating the world of product liability law is much easier when you have a skilled defective product lawyer working to keep you safe. Through a product liability lawsuit, we can defend clients against design defects, manufacturing defects, and failure to warn.

The company that manufactured the product is held liable for an injury caused by the products it manufactures. In California, the chain of distribution is liable as well. This means that the retailer and the distributor of the product are subject to a product liability lawsuit.

How do I know if I have purchased or used a defective product?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission provides a comprehensive list of recalled products, news releases, and safety education materials designed to keep you informed of the various products found to be defective. Should you find a product that you regularly purchase and use, you should contact a product liability attorney to see what your options are.

Should I join a class action or file an individual lawsuit?

Your answer depends on your situation. If you or your attorney are aware of other similar injuries caused by the same product, then it may be worth exploring a class action lawsuit. If your injuries are unique or specific to you then an individual lawsuit would be your best option. A product liability attorney can help you decide which type of lawsuit is best for you to receive the best outcome.

You should never suffer for purchasing and using a product that was advertised to improve your quality of life. There are state and federal guidelines that these companies must follow. When manufacturers and large industries don’t comply with product safety regulations, they need to be held accountable.

At Citron & Citron, we have handled various types of product liability cases over the years. Our product claim lawyer is committed to representing consumers who have been injured or suffered serious consequences as a result of using a defective product. The product liability injury lawyer at Citron & Citron serves and represents clients in Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas.

If you are looking for outstanding product liability attorneys in the Los Angeles, CA area, reach out to Citron & Citron. Call (310) 450-6695 to schedule a consultation today.

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