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Providing Legal Excellence Since 1981

Citron & Citron is a firm founded on integrity, hard work, and loyalty. Creative and innovative ideas are used to achieve successful resolutions of cases on behalf of clients. Its attorneys take pride in the breadth of the firm’s practice and working with diverse clients.

Founded in 1981, Citron & Citron has earned a reputation for excellence in the legal community. The

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Elevating Standards - Competitive And Successful

Real property transactions can unearth a myriad of legal issues. These issues can arise from the purchasing and selling of real property as well as the financing, development, management, leasing, and paperwork of real property. The complexity of real property transactions stems from the fusion of state and federal law and statutes. Consequently, disputes, costly errors, delays, breaches, and other hindrances can materialize and cause a real property transaction to fall apart at the seams. This is

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When business affairs do not go as planned, a wide array of legal issues can follow. Even if you have taken proactive steps to avoid a legal dispute, issue, or action, there are certain circumstances in which litigation is unavoidable. When that happens, it is wise to prepare and hire a Los Angeles Business litigation attorney. Hiring a professional business litigation attorney in Los Angeles who is not afraid of taking action in court is crucial. It is vital that your business litigation attorney

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