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Real property is an intricate industry that is comprised of many moving parts. When a dispute or claim arises, it can bring forth a myriad of issues that affect the parties involved. At Citron & Citron, we have decades of combined experience handling various real property disputes and matters. We represent clients involved in lot line disputes, subsidence and contamination claims, purchase and sales disputes, broker and agent liability, and easement claims.

Our team of professionals is well-versed in the complex rules and regulations that apply to real property transactions, contracts, agreements, and property rights. If you have a real property matter that needs to be resolved, hiring a knowledgeable and experienced real property attorney is an absolute necessity. Without the assistance of a real property attorney, disputes and legal issues can go on for years and become extremely costly. A skilled real property attorney can help you navigate the challenging process, reduce costs, and ensure that your best interests are protected.

At Citron & Citron, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their objectives and solve disputes in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible. We take a proactive stance on devising viable solutions that produce favorable results. As seasoned real property attorneys, we have a comprehensive understanding of the real property sector. Therefore, it is our pledge to provide our clients with the best options and solutions available.

Citron & Citron serves clients in Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas.

Resolving Real Property Disputes And Matters

Challenges and disputes that emerge from real property transactions can further escalate if the matter is not mitigated properly. A proficient real property attorney can offer to resolve the issue outside of court by proposing alternative measures, such as mediation or other alternative dispute resolution option. If the matter cannot be resolved outside of court, it may be necessary to litigate the dispute in court. Going to court may not be the most cost-effective or time-efficient option, but when all other measures have been exhausted and the parties are not satisfied or cannot come to an agreement, it may be the only recourse. At Citron & Citron, we are mindful of our clients’ interests and goals. As such, our aim is to advise our clients on how to best tackle a dispute without consorting to extreme measures, unless necessary. We are aware that it is not uncommon for problems to develop in real property. For that reason, we are readily available to assist you in your real property endeavors.

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