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Transportation liability cases are often quite complex. The issues that arise from transportation matters usually involve many moving parts and multiple parties. Moreover, there are state and federal laws and regulations to consider. It takes vast knowledge and experience to represent transportation liability cases successfully. At Citron & Citron, our transportation liability attorneys have years of experience handling cases within the transportation sector that involve accidents, catastrophic injury, personal injury, wrongful death, cargo theft, and property loss claims.

When a transportation liability claim is brought to our attention, we analyze the incident in its entirety. Our transportation liability attorney will dissect the case and investigate it from all angles to ensure that no stone is left unturned. We take a proactive approach in the resolution of cases to avoid high costs, minimize risks, and save our clients’ valuable time. Due to the complexity and sophistication of transportation liability cases, it is essential to hire an experienced and knowledgeable transportation liability attorney who is well-versed in this area of the law.

Our transportation liability attorneys at Citron & Citron are committed to representing clients in Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas.

Who Is Responsible For Transportation Liability?

Transportation procedures and regulations are continually evolving and changing. Years ago, transportation carriers were responsible for their freight and actions on the road. While the latter is still true, the responsibility for freight, cargo, equipment, and the carrier itself may not fall on the shoulders of the initial transportation agency. Today, many parties are involved in the comings and goings of transportation. Contracts are often negotiated amongst suppliers, manufacturers, shippers, receivers, drivers, and so forth. Therefore, when an incident occurs, it is important to consider all possibilities and the parties involved. At first, it may not be clear who the responsible party is in a transportation incident case. That is why it is crucial to seek a transportation liability attorney who specializes in such cases. An expert transportation liability attorney can identify liability and craft a solid defense.

Since there are various parties involved throughout the transportation process, it is often necessary to enlist the assistance of experts. At Citron & Citron, we rely on expert knowledge, whether it is found in-house or through a trusted professional. Bringing on experts strengthens the cases we represent. They can offer viable solutions and options that effectively and efficiently help mitigate the costs and matter at hand.

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