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What Are Some Of The Most Common Types Of Business Disputes That Your Firm Handles?

We handle a broad range of business matters, including contract disputes and disputes over proprietary rights.

Do You Find That Most Of Your Business Clients Underestimate How Expensive, Time-Consuming, And Complex It Can Be To Litigate A Business Matter?

From the outset, I give clients a range of the costs and risks associated with business litigation. We form a partnership with our clients in the sense that we help them fully evaluate all of the potential options, determine what they want to pursue, and then tailor our services towards that goal.

What Are Some Of The Biggest Mistakes That People Make When It Comes To Business Litigation Matters?

A lot of people don’t appreciate the fact that it is risky, time-consuming, and expensive to take a business case to trial. Many people also have the misconception that they will get everything they want.

What Are Some Proactive Steps That A Business Could Take To Avoid Business Disputes And Litigation?

The best steps to take in order to avoid business disputes or litigation are different for every business. In the current state of things during the pandemic, many landlords are renegotiating with their mortgage lenders, insurers, and tenants in an attempt to avoid litigation regarding people’s inability to pay rent. I have many landlords as clients, and I am encouraging them to try to find a solution without resorting to litigation.

If I Suspect That My Company Will Be Sued Or That I Will Need To File A Lawsuit, What Steps Should I Take?

The first and most important step would be to secure all of the evidence. The second step would be to seek appropriate counsel. Third, the ultimate goal should be identified and discussed with the attorney, and the most cost-effective method of obtaining that goal should be pursued.

What Are Some Of The Alternative Resolution Methods To Business Litigation Matters That You Recommend?

If I am retained after an initial consultation, I will introduce myself to the other side, explain my client’s ultimate goal, and try to determine whether there is an alternative to litigation. This alternative could be simply having a conversation over coffee, or going to mediation. If there is no meeting of the minds that can be had, then we will proceed to court.

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